College to Career Advice from JMU Alumni Now Working at Ripple Effect

Are you job searching? Need some advice? JMU alumni who are now working at Ripple Effect shared their advice for the job search, like keeping an open mind and writing post-interview thank you emails. Read about their college-to-career experiences and more advice in the interview below! Want to know more about Ripple Effect? Ripple Effect … Continue reading College to Career Advice from JMU Alumni Now Working at Ripple Effect

Techniques and Tactics for Negotiating Salary

UMGC Career Services Connection

Feeling emotional when approaching any type of negotiation is normal, but to negotiate effectively you need to understand how to ask for what you want. To help maximize the salary in your contract, raise, or promotion, here are a few techniques to consider.

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Employers Hiring Dukes: Cheerwine

Did you know Cheerwine—the soft drink that everyone knows—hires JMU students? They are currently recruiting for next academic year's Campus Czar Brand Ambassador. The Cheerwine Campus Czar is responsible for increasing the awareness of Cheerwine through brand education and sampling throughout campus. Czars will be paid $100 per event. The Czar will attend key events … Continue reading Employers Hiring Dukes: Cheerwine

James Madison University Is One of the Peace Corps’ 2019 Top Volunteer-Producing Schools!

We have some exciting news, JMU Dukes! The Peace Corps shared this morning's press release regarding their top volunteer-producing schools, and James Madison University is on the list. Check out the below press release for how JMU is serving the global community, and don't miss how you can become a Peace Corps Campus Ambassador at … Continue reading James Madison University Is One of the Peace Corps’ 2019 Top Volunteer-Producing Schools!

How to anticipate interview questions

The Careers Service Blog

A key part of interview preparation should be anticipating the range of questions you are likely to be asked. Suzanne Agnew explains how you can approach this task:


Part of the service the Careers Service offers is tailored practice interviews (which are available via Skype and telephone as well as face to face).  How do we know what to ask?  Obviously, it’s down to professional experience but the way that we anticipate interview questions is something that you can do too.

Go back in time

What made you apply for this job in the first place?  Interviews are used as a way to explore your motivation and fit for the organisation.  Questions here shouldn’t be a surprise!  Be able to articulate why you are right for the role and what attracts you to this organisation.  No organisation exists in a bubble so be prepared for questions which look to discover how much you…

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Alumni Feature – Tory Atkins (’17) | 500 miles away from home

Whenever I tell my friends and colleagues in the DC Metro area that I’m originally from Massachusetts, the question I get every time is “How did you end up 500 miles away from home?” To answer that question, I’d like to talk to you all a bit about one of our alma mater’s favorite concepts: holding doors.

I was on LinkedIn, when I received a message from someone I didn’t know. He said “Hi, my name is Kevin and I graduated JMU class of 1989. Are you open to the DC area? I really like what you did at *internship from last summer*. We are looking for an intern at my firm, Spectrum Careers, in Tysons Corner. We have 25 employees and 100 consultants- of the 25 employees, 7 are JMU folks. Let me know if you’d be interested in a call to discuss.” I interviewed…

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